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Flood Risk Awareness

Everyone should be prepared... Although every effort is made every hour of every day to control the risk of a flood, Mother Nature is always capable of creating conditions under which there could be a flood or risk of a possible flood.

MESD continues to be vigilant and watch changing conditions.  But everyone who lives or works near the Mississippi River must accept the fact that together, Mother Nature and the Old Man River, can change the risk of high water at any time.  Hence, we must all be prepared for this potential disaster.

Caution and planning are always important... The levee system is operated and maintained to continue our "perfect record" of holding back the flood waters, residents and employers located in the Great American Bottoms should have a plan of actions, in the event that the Mississippi River reaches unexpected levels for extraordinarily long periods of time.  Such a plan should include the possibility of evacuation low lying areas.

Understanding the elements of risks... allows you to be prepared to deal with these risks.  Click on the resources below to monitor conditions, tune into the National Weather flood forecasts, and watch for notifications from the Madison/St. Claire Counties emergency management officials.

The territory within the Metro East Sanitary District generally has an elevation of 30 to 50 feet, St. Louis gauge.  River stages of less than 17 to 22 feet afford no threat to the territory; however, above that level internal waters will not flow by gravity into the river and pumping stations must be operated.

The entire area is bounded on the east by relatively high bluffs which cause a run-off of storm waters from a wide drainage area into the bottom lands protected by the levee system.  During large rain events the creeks could rise rapidly, avoid driving on any roads with standing or moving water and steer clear of flooded areas.

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MESD Levees
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Flood Risk Fact Sheet
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River & Reservoir Daily Report

Know your risk, know your role and take action to reduce your risk

  • Be aware if you live or work behind the levee
  • Remain vigilant during flood events; listen for and follow instructions from local emergency management officials
  • Know your community's flood emergency preparedness and evacuation plans and be prepared to evacuate during a flood
  • Develop and practice a personal, family or business emergency preparedness plan
  • Purchase flood insurance even if it's not required.  Insurance transfers risk and makes communities more resilient
  • Flood proof structures to reduce impacts of flooding to your home or business
  • Support your local levee Sponsor in their efforts to operate and maintain a safe levee system
  • Encourage elected local, county and state officials to make sound flood risk management decisions

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