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Operating and Maintaining Levees To Protect Lives, Jobs & Property

The District's operations and maintenance of the federal levees have beaten back the Mississippi River in every single flood for more than 100 years. Even during the 10 highest flood levees that held against the tremendous pressure and force of the swollen and powerful Mississippi River. But we never will rest on our record - we are always must expect and be prepared for new challenges from the River.

The District Operates & Maintains Levees Designed & Built By the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers To Provide the 500-Year Level of Flood Protection

  • About 37.5 miles of Front Levee, including North and South Flanks.
  • 16,425 feet of flood wall
  • 52.5 miles of canals and 14 miles of sanitary sewers
  • Eight storm water pump stations:
Cahokia Venice Madison
Chouteau Nameoki Venice
South, North, East St Louis Canal #1  


1903 Mississippi River flooded the American Bottoms. Click here to read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch summary and view the 1903 photo gallery.

Enabling Act of Illinois Legislature to permit formation of The East Side Levee and Sanitary District embracing land in both counties of Madison and St Claire was passed May 17, 1907, and was in force July 1, 1907. Permanent organization was effected February 9, 1909.

September 15, 1964

A public meeting was held and the following area would be served by the Lansdowne Sewerage System of the East Side Levee and Sanitary District.

Madison County, IL

All the Cities of Madison and Venice (Madison County, IL)

St. Clair County, IL

Stites Township - Sections 1,2, 11 and 12
Canteen Township - Sections 1 - 17, 21 and 22
Excluded were the portions lying within city
limits of East St. Louis, IL

The East Side Levee and Sanitary District would derive revenues from the rates, fees and charges made and collected for services and facilities of said Sewerage System.


The East Side Levee and Sanitary District was dissolved in 1974 and the Metro East Sanitary District was created under the Metro East Sanitary District Act of 1974 (70 LICS 2905/1-5)

April 27, 1984

The Metro East Sanitary District entered into an intergovernmental agreement with Granite City Regional Sewage System. The City of Granite City provides wastewater treatment services for the Metro East Sanitary District at rates established by the Granite City Regional Treatment Board.

The Metro East Sanitary District owns and operates the following component parts of the Granite City Regional Sewerage System:

  • Lansdowne Treatment Plant a peak flow storage system and pump station
  • Venice Pump Station
  • A force main to provide additional capacity for the Lansdowne pump station to the Venice pump station
  • A force main from Venice to the headworks of the Regional Sewage Treatment Plant at Granite City
  • A flow metering and sampling station located at a site mutually agreed upon by Granite City and the MESD

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